Are you in need of financing for a major repair??

Financing for your truck repairs 60 DAYS SAME AS CASH....NO INTEREST

Payment terms up to 36 months


Holding off on needed repairs? Need to bring your tractor or trailer up to DOT standards?

Just a 5 min quick application and you have all the information to make a decision. Approvals in minutes!!

Yes!! We can do simple items such as tires and brakes, but if you need a clutch, turbo, or even an inframe job, all items over $350.00 USD and up to $10,000 USD will be considered for instant approval.

WE finance all Credit ratings from great to challenged  and always 60 days same cash

WE KEEP YOU ROLLING!! Time is money and getting your Big Rig back on the road quickly is essential to your livelihood. Nothing can be more devastating than dealing with the headaches of financing when your income is being impacted by an essential truck repair. Our Commercial Truck Repair Financing program is quick and efficient and the best part is... Our approvals are based upon the work to be performed NOT your FICO score. Even if your personal credit is badly damaged, East Dallas Diesel Repair can get you the cash you need for that unexpected repair. All types of trucks and trailers, Dump Trucks, Bucket Trucks Semi Trucks and of course even a Reefer.

Bring your problems to one of our financing experts and watch their creativity at work. In addition to lending East Dallas Diesel Repair works hard to get you back on the road!